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When you think of termite control, you typically think of lethal gas being pumped into your home to kill the pest invaders. Many Long Beach termite control professionals use fumigation as a method to exterminate pests. They are trapped in the home, and the air and surfaces are covered with poison. The entire property is wrapped tightly until the pests are dead. You’ve likely seen homes wrapped up in the familiar vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins like a tent. Fumigation is the most familiar method of termite and wood boring pest extermination.

At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, we help customers get their lives back after an infestation. Over the years, pest control professionals have worked to find alternative solutions for those customers seeking non-toxic means of termite control. We understand your home and family are important to you, which is why we are proud to offer safe and eco-friendly termite control options.

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Reliable, Eco-Friendly Termite Control Options

Termites are insidious pests that invade your home and leave a mountain of damage in their wake. At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, we use eco-friendly chemicals that are derived from nature to combat these pests. We use both Boracare and Tim-bor Professional.

Bora Care is a treatment that kills wood-destroying insects by using biology and nature. Boracare is a borate salt derivative, and when ingested by certain insects, it causes them to starve. As a natural insecticide, termiticide , and fungicide concentrate, Boracare is an eco-friendly option that is safe for you, your home, and the environment. It can be used to combat termites, powderposts, beetles, carpenter ants, and decay fungi. Boracare is applied directly to wood as a treatment that insects then ingest. Boracare is also an excellent preventative form of termite control for your home in Long Beach. At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, our team can help you eliminate these damaging pests from your home. One of the best features of Boracare is that insects cannot build a resistance to the treatment because it causes an unavoidable biological reaction in wood-destroying insects.

Tim-bor Professional is another non-toxic, efficient, and economical way to treat homes for pests. Tim-bor Professional is a smart preventative measure, and it can be added to your building specs as a form of protecting your property from wood-destroying organisms, moisture, and mildew. It’s very simple to add Tim-bor Professional to the studs and wooden foundations of your home as they can be applied quickly without interfering with the building process.

If you notice any of the signs of a termite infestation, don’t hesitate to call in our team of knowledgeable specialists at (714) 583-9952. We can get the bugs out and get you back into your home!

Signs of Termite Infestation

It can be difficult to know if you have termites, and often by the time you know they’re in your home, it’s too late to prevent damage to your property. There are clear signs of termite infestation, but it can mean there has already been damage to your home. If you see any of the following, you should schedule an inspection immediately.

If you spot any of the following, you may have a termite infestation or termite damage:

  • Termite Wings: Shed wings are typically evidence of a current or recent termite swarm. Look for shed termite wing piles around window ledges and light sources.
  • Powder: Powder post beetles leave piles of a fine, talc-like powder around furniture, flooring, and wooden housing structures.
  • Mud Tubes: Mud tubes are made of particles of soil, wood, and debris, and they are used by subterranean termites to reach food sources above ground level.
  • Damaged Wood: Damaged wood is a sign of a progressive termite. Check wooden fixtures and structures for the echo of gutted wood. It makes a “hollow” sound when tapped, and this wood is also soft when probed with a sharp object.
  • Damaged Drywall: Termites target the wood in your home, but they can also damage your drywall on their path to your wooden structures. They create tiny holes in the drywall as they eat through your walls.
  • Pellets (Frass): Drywood termites leave behind pellets as they consume wood. This form of excrement is kicked out of the holes they create to eliminate the waste from their nest. These pellets often accumulate in piles on windowsills, baseboards, and under wooden objects.

Termites are silent and very difficult to detect. They can feed on the wood in your home for years before you ever know you have a problem. Each year homeowners spend thousands of dollars in repairs due to termite damage.

If you notice any of the signs of a termite infestation, don’t hesitate to call at (714) 583-9952and our team of knowledgeable specialists can create a plan to get the bugs out and get you back into your home!

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