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At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, we make many spider pest control calls, and of the many pests plaguing home and business owners in Long Beach, few are feared as much as the spider. Spiders cause fear and stress in even the bravest property owner. Trying to determine if the spider in your house is poisonous can lead to many frightful hours reading through information online.

When spiders invade your home, it’s important to remember that most are not poisonous.

In actuality, spiders serve an important role in the greater ecosystem. However, many people forget the beneficial role spiders play as soon as a spider breaks into their home. Once you’re face-to-face with a spider, it’s easy to ignore its helpful nature; we understand.

In Long Beach, spiders are often entering your home searching for a safe place to build a nest or spin a web. While most spider species need to live outdoors to survive, several species prefer to be indoors. Many home and business owners encounter these types of spiders in their properties throughout the year.

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Long Beach Spider Infiltration & Infestation

At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, we encourage home and business owners to approach any spider infestation with the question, why? Before we can help you eliminate spiders from your property completely, we have to know why spiders have suddenly invaded your home or business. Spiders are more frequently seen outdoors, and when they choose to retreat indoors, there’s typically a reason.

If you find that you’ve seen more than one spider inside your home, here are several reasons why:

  • Easy access points – Older homes with their drafty doorways and windows are breeding grounds for spiders. Why? Because spiders like to settle in places that are easy to access. Homes and businesses with easy access points have poorly fitted doors and windows with gaps. These properties also have loose vents and other unsecured barriers between the home’s interior and outside.
  • Plentiful food sources – Spiders will set up their homes inside yours if they find a regular food source. Stopping the flow of spiders from the outdoors into the home is the first goal of spider pest control, and you can do this by eliminating their food source. Spiders eat other insects, so cleaning your kitchen and storing food in airtight containers can prevent bugs that feed on spoiled food and crumbs.
  • Shuttered or cluttered rooms – Spiders like to hide out in quiet rooms unfrequented by humans. They will seek out unused rooms or undisturbed corners and clutter. They want to implant themselves in areas where they will not be bothered. Rooms that are clean and organized will be a natural deterrent to spider nests and webs.
  • Plants – Spiders like to hide in dark or shaded spaces where they can be left to their own devices. They will hide in potted plants and compost heaps. If you have many potted plants in your home, they could be a source of refuge for spiders and their offspring.

Professional Spider Pest Control Services in Long Beach & Surrounding Communities

The most significant means of eliminating a spider infestation in your home is determining why the spiders have been drawn to your property. At Mecaf Termite & Pest Control, after we determine the type of spider in your home, we can then begin developing an elimination strategy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the spider and identify it unless it dies or is caught. Not all spiders make webs, so it’s not easy to know if you have a spider infestation in your home.

Most spiders that you see out during daylight hours roaming your home are quite harmless. Many people fear the scary, poisonous spiders that pose a great risk to humans. These spiders are typically hiding in the dark, under boxes, beneath furniture, and in clutter. Given the difficulty of eliminating spiders on your own, it’s wise to call in professionals to help you ensure the spiders are gone for good.

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