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Rodent Control in Long Beach & Beyond

Convenient Rodent Solutions in Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Mecaf Termite & Pest Control provides thorough inspections and we check for cracks, crevices, and any other unsecured openings in your home. Rodents are unsafe, unsanitary, and unseemly, and our team of professionals can help get rid of them using eco-friendly chemicals and techniques.

Rodent control is a serious issue, and as a home or business owner, you know that rats, mice, and other rodents transfer diseases, contaminate food, and create dangerous structural damage. Rodent, which originates from the French word rodere, means to gnaw, and nothing is safe from rodents as they chew a path throughout your home or office.

Rodents are efficient gnawers, so developing effective barriers and controls is important to ensure there are no easy means of access to your home or business. They gnaw through barriers and walls using their strong front teeth. They will even chew untraditional items because they destroy any and everything preventing entry from their intended location.

Don’t allow rodents to establish a nest in your home! Call in our team of professionals at (714) 583-9952 to schedule an inspection appointment today!

Common Rodents in Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Rats, mice, and gophers are common pests in Los Angeles and Orange County.

The species specific to our area are:

  • Norway and Roof rats are the most common varieties of rats pestering homes and businesses across Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Neither species is native to the region, and the Roof rat has a reputation for being a voracious eater. Their diet consists of fruits, tree seeds, and large insects.
  • Valley Pocket Gophers are a common pest to homes in Long Beach. They are small rodents, but they can create significant damage in your yard. They make two to three mounds per day.
  • House & Deer Mouse are the most common varieties of mice found in Long Beach homes. Their diets consist of anything you are willing to leave around, especially foods high in fat, sugar, and protein.

If you think there are rodents in your home or you need help with preventative rodent control, then contact our team to schedule an appointment.

Preventative Rodent Control in Long Beach

It’s important to know what to look for when protecting your home against rodents. These pests create nests using refused paper, cardboard, and fibers. Eliminating clutter is a simple yet impactful means of rodent control you can do at home.

  • Prevent Interior Access – A wise first step to rodent control is barring entry to your home. Property owners should find the weakness in their doors, windows, and walls and repair them promptly. You can also keep rodents out of your home by sealing gaps and adding metal panels at the bottom of wooden doors and windows. We also encourage home and business owners to secure large areas around pipes by covering them in mesh first and then sealing them with cement.
  • Prevent Exterior Access – Unkept yards and gardens are a draw for rodents. Rats, mice, and gophers can use overgrown vegetations as a food source, which draws them closer to your home. They can also use branches and limbs that touch your home as a means of easy access. Homeowners should keep lawns, gardens, and trees trimmed to manageable levels with the vegetation not cluttering the home, which can prevent exterior access by rodents. Gophers make a meal of the roots of the trees in your yard. They also enjoy other overgrown vegetation and weeds, like dandelions. These rodents burrow tunnels throughout your yard and pop their heads to the surface to find food using holes called “feed holes.” Once they have created a network of tunnels beneath your yard, they can be difficult to eliminate. So, call in professional help as soon as you suspect gophers are on your property.
  • Prevent Unsanitary Conditions – Proper sanitation is an important first line of defense against rodents. Rats and mice require food and sometimes water to sustain their existence in your home or office. A rat needs as much as 2 ounces of food, and mice eat half of that amount. Gophers will remain outside, but unsanitary yard conditions will leave a treasure trough of goodies for outdoor rodents to thrive upon each night. Homeowners can remain vigilant by ensuring all food is stored away each evening in airtight containers, secure trashcans, or in a refrigerator.

We are committed to doing everything we can to stop rodents from bringing their filth into your home or office.

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